About BAO Health

The Origin of BAO Health

BAO Health formed out of a necessity to assist our current customer base during a time of need. As a leading supplier of personal protective equipment to government agencies around the country, we answered the call when hospitals and states were in crisis, growing into one of the nation’s top 20 largest pandemic-era suppliers of PPE into the healthcare market.

BAO utilized our expertise in sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and contracting to bring one of the most comprehensive rapidly scaling operations to countless states, hospitals, and others. We have the capabilities of industry goliaths with the personal touch of a small business. Inclusion, sustainability, and commitment make us the right choice for your equipment needs.


With supply chains stretched thin, healthcare professionals from coast to coast require reliable PPE delivered before vital supplies run out. BAO partners with strategic suppliers to keep costs low and quality top-notch while supporting first responders with quality PPE.


BAO Health procures badly needed PPE to many state and municipal government agencies across the country. Our procurement professionals have almost 20 years of experience supplying nearly every state in America, solving supply chain issues affecting thousands of localities nationwide.

Staying Competitive

BAO shines when all others cannot deliver. Our sourcing team is the 'secret sauce' behind BAO Health, not bound to manufacturer contracts or allocations like many others in this space. We have access to hundreds of factories around the world to fill orders and meet your surge demands.

Reliable Customer Service

We work in the health care industry, just like you. We take the time to get to know you and we always keep your best interests in mind when adding and adjusting products in our catalog. You can reach us 24/7 because we understand the importance of communication in a fast-paced global economy.